Campaign Objective

To change Maersk’s perception to one that’s flexible and customer centric.


Maersk has significant experience in retail, but the main target audience still sees us as an ‘leader in Ocean shipping with some extra services’ and we are still a challenger in logistics and supply chain.

The Insights

When things are unusual, challenging and complicated or even dynamic, we all look for that give us the power and support to adapt and manoeuvre through the path.

Retail is becoming more and more dynamic and challenging, and it's all about managing a most cost-efficient supply chain and ensuring the availability of products “in stock” through flexibility and customisation.

Customer’s Business Insight

"For me it’s not just about the speed (slow down or speed up) in my supply chain, it’s about having that opportunity or possibility from start to end to manage and have the right flow of my goods. In order to have the right supply I need all the best possible options available.”

The Key Message

“Flexibility to shape your retail supply chain, to deliver”

The Creative Concept

Reimagine Retail

Changes in the economy affects consumption patterns. And any change in the consumption patterns affects retail. Retailers must relook at the way they do business. Every single day.

We can help them do that with our flexible solutions by helping them Reimagine retail. Be it intermodal, warehousing & distribution, or supply chain management solutions.


Total Reach


EMAIL CTR (organic)

89% above expectation
2.8% vs 1.5%2

SOME CTR (organic)

799% above expectation
10% vs 1.2%3

Avg. time spent

51% above expectation
181s vs 120s4

Campaign contributed

86% of the total traffic5

1 & 3 Source: Native platform & Media agency. 2 Source: SFMC. 4 & 5 Source: GA


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